Ginssiyo Apara —

2020, Gondola Wish show

Bags, 2020, 15 X 4 X 0.5 inches, rubber

1. Version 1

Circle + Circle + Triangle

Actions and Steps in>a>systematic>series>

Who the fuck is growing the asparagus next to the broccoli?

These Blacks will go nice next to these Brassica oleracea, dont you think Sklyar? 

Skylar: Totally

The Browns might blend well with these Phaseolus vulgaris, Don’t you think Skylar

Skylar: Totally

Issues, Issues, Issues

The sys -STEMS are dead at the core

My cousin got locked up because he didn’t feed his soul.





Nature isn’t racist

Its you

“minorities are like weeds”

Did I make that up?

I don’t even know anymore.

Need sweet potatoes to combat the lung cancer

Better quit bleaching to be white

start finessing and flexing, and get green.


May 27 2020
        As a minority I believe that others willingly accept and treat me equally in context to their expectations, yet they fail to do so on a basic level with things that actually make me feel like an “equal”.

June 27 2019
       I make work as a black person that requires the viewer to engage with me as a black individual and to understand me as a black artist—this makes my work a risk and overall threat to the art market. The black artist’s degree of engagement on the part of the viewer is dependent on the aggression of their work. The demand for black art is high; the demand to decorate prestigious galleries with our bodies is high. Under these circumstances, is their room for our reality?
    The art world is similar to being black in the education system; you can struggle working against a system benefiting from your failure or play sports. With art you can make aggressive work or something more comforting. You can make work that will sell to white elites or work that creates discourse. It’s all up to where you want to exist and what you want to achieve.


June 15 2019
        As a visual artist you must train your eyes’ ability to disconnect from societal mainstream ideals and its entry to your soul; as a visual artist your eyes are sacred. They should not bear the weight of earthly tethers such as attraction.

October 19 2019
        I am feeling discontented with my pursuits in being the kind of artist that receives respect; I have a growing curiosity about the artist I could become when I no longer worry about respect, about the perception of others.



WIP 2020